best of November

It’s the newspaper photojournalist’s monthly ritual: When the calendar page flips, you flip through the last four weeks of photos and enter the monthly clip contests.

Some months I’m stoked: Great stuff, hard to narrow it down. Some months I suck. (Some months I suck so bad I don’t enter.)

This month I’m stoked.

(Click the thumbnails above.)

2 Responses to “best of November”

  1. Conner Jay says:

    You had a hell of a month. And there at least three photos I would consider playing with in the ol’ portfolio, and one that resonates with that style you love of deep color and contrast defined by thin definitive lines. I may choose not to flip my calendar this month and enter those monthly clips contests.

  2. Royal says:

    Still kicking ass ! You may have a few third placers in there!

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