Cali Nation

I did some band photography this week for my favorite Golden State secessionists, the mighty Cali Nation. These photos were shot on location at Z Minor Sound Studio, owned by Andrew, the band’s frontman and my compadre in audio recording for several years running.

For the above group photo, I used my newest toy, a painter’s pole with a metalhead, allowing photo gear to interface with something from a hardware store. Using the painter’s pole, I dangled a small softbox over Andrew’s head while his daughter pushed the shutter release on my tripod-mounted camera. (So technically, Sarah and I are sharing photo credit.)

4 Responses to “Cali Nation”

  1. mony lujan says:

    you da man, super nice work.

  2. David Royal says:

    Nice work Scott!

  3. Andrew Nack says:

    Yo Scott! Thanks again for the wonderful work.

    Next time I’ll get everyone to smile. Just to see what the critics say.

    Let’s do lunch tomorrow.

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