For me the beginning of the year is a time to refresh and experiment, and this year I was fortunate to join a group of fellow photographers for a one-day creative getaway, a sort of self-guided workshop. I had been dreaming up an idea to make video portraits using a wash of changing colors, and I was able to make it happen using my colleagues as models. Much thanks to all the photographers and friends who stepped into my weird world of color.

(Shot on a Lumix GH5, still frames pulled from 4K video, video below)

Some of my favorite work of 2017 was from a pair of portrait shoots for the talented staff at AJ+, the Newsbroke team and the Direct From team. Awesome people to work with, and they’re creating great work. Be sure to check them out.

Just finished shooting and editing this video for the good folks at Abracadabra Coffee Co.

Recently spent a few spring days in the desert, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and making a few photographs.

cycling products

Spent some time doing some cycling-related studio photography recently.

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