3.27.09 — Watsonville, Calif.

My friends PLG hired me to make some new band promo photos last week. They’re in the middle of recording a new album, planning a tour, getting ready to take over the world.

Band photography is tough, because you’re always running the risk of being corny or cliche. A photo of a band standing around in a gritty alley always begs the question: “Why are they standing around in that gritty alley?”

For this shot, I wanted light very close the every band member’s face, so I shot each one individually, as well as the background alone, and combined all six frames in post. Word to the wise for photographers who want to try this: Don’t bump your tripod in the dark, even just a tiny bit.

3.27.09 — Watsonville, Calif.



  1. Really Nice pic thanks for explaining how you achieved it, I may try a similar technique on some future pics.

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