I think if I wasn’t a photographer I’d want to be a firefighter. Three things that I’m a fan of that are a big part of a firefighter’s job: 1) Danger; 2) Fire; 3) Climbing on stuff.

I get to participate in all three of those things in my job, just far less frequently and not to such a great degree.

This photo shows a firefighter walking out of a burning home in Salinas, covered in insulation that he pulled down on himself while using a hook to rip through a ceiling. Cool job.

  1. I’m a retired Firefight/Paramedic with 24 years on the job before getting hurt and going out on a disability. Even though I’ve been off the job 19 years now, I still stop what I’m doing when I hear a siren/freeloader and wish I was on that truck and still on the job.

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