I did some band photography this week for my favorite Golden State secessionists, the mighty Cali Nation. These photos were shot on location at Z Minor Sound Studio, owned by Andrew, the band’s frontman and my compadre in audio recording for several years running.

For the above group photo, I used my newest toy, a painter’s pole with a metalhead, allowing photo gear to interface with something from a hardware store. Using the painter’s pole, I dangled a small softbox over Andrew’s head while his daughter pushed the shutter release on my tripod-mounted camera. (So technically, Sarah and I are sharing photo credit.)

  1. you da man, super nice work.

  2. Nice work Scott!

  3. Yo Scott! Thanks again for the wonderful work.

    Next time I’ll get everyone to smile. Just to see what the critics say.

    Let’s do lunch tomorrow.

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