My fascination with Redwood trees began in 2003 when Amber took me to the Redwood National Park for my birthday. As we hiked through the Tall Trees Grove, a printed trail guide encouraged me to imagine how tall the trees were when this country was founded; how tall they were when the Roman empire ended; what the world was like when they were saplings.

I was truly hooked after reading The Wild Trees, a book that made Redwoods seem otherworldly. There are entire ecosystems up there, woven into the branches of the world’s oldest trees, hidden from our view and nearly wiped out by logging and pollution.

The photo above is my first attempt at making a picture of a Redwood grove that reflects the kind of wonder I feel when I walk through them. This little stand of trees is in Soberanes Canyon in Garrapata State Park in Big Sur. I had help making this picture from Travis and Nic and Ellen, and I thank them for their flashlight skills and companionship.

This picture will be on display at the group art show in San Francisco that I’m part of.

  1. Love that trail! used to hike it every weekend. Tritia and I had our wedding cake out there on our 1st anniversary but, the redwood bark may have tasted better. Always expected to run across a hobbit village out there. Have you ever seen the tree that fell across the stream and one of its branches grew into a tree on its own?
    B Money

  2. Brian, I love that tree you’re talking about. It’s the same width as the tree it’s growing out of and perfectly straight. I’ll have to get a good picture of that one sometime.

  3. Fantastic picture, Scott! YOU AMAZE ME!

  4. Hey I saw this pic on my dad’s page and it’s truly a work of art!! I’m so glad it will be displayed for everyone to share in admiration. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and hope to see more of it. Take care!

  5. Scott, nicely realized vision. I’m going to bookmark your website. I’m so glad Philippe B. shared this on FB. Larry and Susan must be so overwhelmingly proud. I visited the redwoods when I was a kid, and I look forward to going back soon. Thanks for an image that makes my heart soar. Susan

  6. Hi Scott – Nice shot with a lot of “wow factor” and drama! Creative and clever. Mission accomplished; looking forward to seeing more.I hiked this same grove of Redwoods with my sister, boroher-in-law and nephew about 5 years ago and took a bunch of photos. None of them looked like this, though. (lol) PS: Would love to see tis in BW, too!

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