I’m very happy to be a featured photographer in issue 2 of Moholy Ground Magazine, published by a fine group of folks from San Francisco. The cover and my spread is pictured above.

I was given the opportunity to appear in the mag by my friend (and a Moholy Ground executive editor) Sunny Angulo, who I first met when she was putting on shows for my old band. She also arranged for friend (and former bandmate) George Sanchez-Tello to interview me for the piece.

To celebrate the release of the magazine, the Moholy folks threw two art shows at Root Division gallery. There I got to see work by and meet a great group of photographers, including:

Below are some photos from the shows. Big thanks to everybody at Moholy Ground for all their efforts, and to all my friends who came out to the shows. I’m honored to have been a part of it all.

  1. Can we get a copy of the magazine? We are, as usual, extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. Feature article in a magazine! Now THERE’S a check mark on the bucket list.

  2. Scott- CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve the recognition!

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