During the month of September, I held a contest to gather more followers on social media. Everyone who was a fan of my Facebook pages or followed me on Twitter was entered.

Then I gathered up all the names and threw down the stairwell to reveal a winner.

Congratulations, Sandra. I pointed my camera at the pile and it saw your name first.

The contest is over, but you can still follow me on social media:​scottmacdonaldphotography​scottmacdonaldweddings​scottmacphoto

  1. Holy smokes, Bullwinkle! Your folks kept hinting I should go on FB because “Scott has posted something there for you.” Idid, but I didn’t go to my wall – just the news fedd… saw the pic of your and your dopplelganger/long lost twin and thought that was the post. Silly me! Then my husband called to tell me that Larry told him I needed to go onFB because I had won something…. so several hours and a few cups of coffee after my first foray , I got a little more adventuresome in my e-travels, and even posted a couple of comments.

    Great idea – you should make it an annual event – break up the autumn boredom, etc. : )



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